First Drive: 2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali 4x4 Duramax

hey friend Sam hey Mart for test-driven TV today we're looking at the GMC 2500 HD this is also the Denali the fully loaded version with virtually everything you can get in this truck including the Duramax turbo diesel a great way to go when you're in a heavy duty pickup because they last longer you get better fuel efficiency and usually that extra money spend getting that diesel comes back to you

and resale value down the road but we can talk a little bit more about that later today I want to find out is this GMC Denali truly worth the extra money you pay to get into this top grade truck with the exception of a sparkling optional 20 inch chrome wheels the Denali takes a more understated look and presentation than the jazzier cowboy Western store top trims of other brands it has body colored bumpers

in just enough chrome to say it's top of the line well it's all dressed up functional hot buttons here are the integrated steps in the rear bumper which make it much easier to get up into the box the Denali also comes standard with tubular sidesteps front tow hooks and fog lamps there are also power folding heated mirrors which are likely a pretty good idea if you're parking in tight quarters and being the HD

class pickup it is with four-wheel drive it also has plenty of high riding profile as you'd expect with plenty of ground clearance moving inside the Denali continues the understated approached a high-end pickup truck luxury you won't find garish colors and belt buckles on the console here instead a businesslike tone that says top of the line a bit more softly the dash has wrapped in soft touch materials with contrast stitching genuine aluminum trims and just

enough wood grain to warm up the look our tester had a monotone jet black interior but you can also option a two-tone treatment with tan hides those leather seats are heated and cooled up front with the driver getting memory settings in the rear the heated leather bench can fold upward with a 60/40 split which allows for additional cargo storage of tall items the cockpit is well laid out with important controls located within easy reach

such as the integrated trailer brake controller the instrument cluster has to traditional dials and a customizable center screen with virtual gauges you will find the tilt and telescoping steering wheel is heated in addition to having controls for most audio cruise control and Driver menu functions huge storage options are found in the center console which also has 110 volt outlets and all manner of connectivity options including USB front and center is the 8 inch touchscreen top-end

Bose audio and navigation system with IntelliLink the menus are very easy to use and navigate even while on the go the system also boasts a 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection which can accommodate up to 7 devices within 50 feet of the truck nice one of the features on this truck that really got my attention and it will is the safety alert seat and it's something that General Motors has had now in the last

year and basically what it is is when you have monitors like this truck has in the case that we're going to talk about right now the lane-keeping system one of the ways it can warn you is through a vibration in the seat so we're driving down the road here and I'm kind of let my mind wander and I let the truck veer over here to the left lane whoo I just got

a job down here on my left side my left thigh just got a vibration here and that's one of the unique things about this seat it's got two different sides to it so if I veer off to the right or the solid line over here whoo I just got it again and if you're not used to it it shocks you at first not electrically speaking but it'll make you jump out of

your chair if you don't expect it now the good news is you don't have to use this morning you can't have a chime or you can turn the system off altogether but I do it's pretty innovative I have to admit under the hood is the optional 6.6 liter Duramax v8 turbo-diesel well not the most powerful on the market it is very close with 397 horsepower and 765 pound-feet of torque that power is delivered to

the ground through an ultra heavy-duty Allison 6-speed automatic transmission now power well you would think that almost 400 horsepower and nearly 800 pound feet of torque would translate to what you would call a high performance driving experience well truth be told this truck weighs almost seventy four hundred pounds think about that that's like driving two Camaros at the same time so while it is peppy it certainly isn't the kind of speed that your mind might

conjure up with this amount of power the good news is it comes on pretty low in the rev range Diesel's don't rev out we're going about now 65 miles an hour out here on the highway and we're revving about 1800 rpm we're in cruise mode towing is really what much of optioning this engine is all about with its prodigious torque it can tow up to 17,000 100 pounds as ours is configured and

it has a maximum payload of 2,700 and 93 pounds that means for instance it could tow a trailer loaded with two trucks just like it now if you watch my reviews regularly you know I've got a little bit of a fetish with the washboard Road when it comes to testing pickup trucks and SUVs and it's because even though it's not true off-roading this rig surface can really show how well put together the

body structure the suspension and the chassis is and how well it handles vibrations and so far what you can see and what you can hear what I'm finding is well this is a pickup truck they tend to be affected they tend to be affected pretty well by these washboard surfaces and so what that means is this does have a bit of a jittery ride a little bit of axial skate going around these

corners and I am getting a lot of shaking here in the hood and some of the body panels now that doesn't mean this is a pile at all what it means is this is a heavy-duty pickup truck with a very stiff suspension it's not made to give you that nice soft ride that you would expect in a crossover vehicle rolling in a good clip I was able to experience the interaction of the

Stabilitrak stability control system going around these gravel corners the rear of the truck wants to swing out but as soon as I felt that feeling the system stepped in and gracefully and predictably kept it in line riding down the highway this has a pretty quiet ride inside it's pretty comfortable place to be they've done a lot with the sound deadening so the diesel engine really isn't something that you're noticing most of the time other

than the fact it's got a slightly different sound of course than a gas engine but when you're out you're cruising on the highway it settles down to a low rpm and it's just kind of a nice hum in the background and when you combine it with a pretty well insulated cab in terms of road noise it's pretty nice living with the Sierra 2500 HD is surprisingly easy even though it is a very

large and heavy vehicle its four-wheel disc brakes are strong enough to keep it manageable around town and stop and go traffic the suspension and steering are nimble in a way that makes it no more difficult to handle than most sport utility vehicles and the standard rear-view camera makes parking lot gymnastics a snap in my week with this truck I averaged 17 mpg on a tank of fuel and that is a 50/50 driving cycle

of in town and on the highway my best Highway mpg I saw was 22 and a half not bad for a vehicle this big and heavy around town it's about 11 or 12 so that balance is really right in the middle at about 17 now that said obviously if you tow if you have a bunch of weight on this truck it's not going to be that high and because they don't

publish actual mpg ratings for these trucks you always sort of have to go on anecdotal evidence but 17 as far as an average is pretty good for any vehicle that's this size and weighs this much and that really is what you get the diesel for summing it up for the GMC 2500 HD I got to say I think it's a pretty nice package especially with this Denali trim level it's got virtually everything

you could ever want in a truck it's almost like a Cadillac Sedan this got all the bells and whistles and granted when you look at that price tag well you know you've done bought yourself everything there is to get but the truth be told you can spend more on this truck you can get into $70,000 if you add a few more things that said it's really not out of line though if you

get into a Ford or Ram heavy duty full-size truck with everything on it you're in that same neighborhood and the last thing I'd say there is that it's pretty normal to get pretty good discounts on these trucks pretty routine to c5 and $10,000 discounts if you really know how to negotiate so don't let that price scare you too much now as far as the stars are concerned a couple areas I wanted to point

out on the driver aids package it's missing blind spot warning it's got everything else things you wouldn't defining a truck like lane-keeping and forward collision warning no blind spot warning would be helpful with something this large the other thing is the transmission can be a little bit roughed and abrupt shifting and I know it's a heavy-duty transmission I've driven forward and I've driven a ram they're a little bit more refined in that area

but overall we're at four stars to the week not bad I'm Sam hey Mark for test driven TV I hope you enjoyed the ride you

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hey friend Sam hey Mart for test-driven TV today we're looking at the GMC 2500 HD this is also the Denali the fully loaded version with virtually everything you can get in this truck including the Duramax turbo diesel a great way to go when you're in a heavy duty pickup because they last longer you get better fuel efficiency and usually that extra money...