2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali Duramax

what is going on everyone Brian Mel here over at Marty's Buick GMC I was out taking a couple of pictures of this 2015 Denali HD and I thought I would shoot a quick video tour allow you to take a better look of course this is in full HD so if your screen looks a little blurry make sure you hit that little gear icon below the video and set

this thing to HD so you can get the full experience first thing we'll do is we'll take a quick walk around the truck show you semi exterior features show you the window sticker and then we'll jump inside and show you some of the interior features as well so starting on the outside of course you have the GMC Denali signature grille you also have projector headlights with the LED surround I'm sure you've probably seen these

on the internet by now they've been a fan favorite everyone seems to love the look and I mean it does look incredible so it would make sense down low you had to have front parking sensors see them in the bumper there you also have the front polished recovery hooks fog lights as well and this is the Duramax diesel version of the truck you can see that Duramax badge sitting proud on the hood it

is a 6.6 liter diesel engine it's got a almost 400 horsepower and just under 800 foot-pounds of torque so if you are someone that needs to do a lot of towing you're going to be hard with the truck and do a lot of plowing or work with it whatever the case may be this may be the option that you want to go with going around on the side of the truck we'll

take a look at the wheels these are two 6570 r18 michelin tires they're an all season tire beautiful HD wheels you can see those are the signature Denali wheels with the Denali center caps one one feature to I like is you can see the red Rancho shocks right there the truck for being such a heavy duty truck rides very very smoothly it's a great ride and truck of course Denali HD badge on

the door chrome trim down the side got your chrome four inch square steps chrome door handles polish around the windows as well also the cap on the mirror gas cap we're going to work our way around the back one of the features to with this truck that we ordered we ordered it with the GMC tonneau cover I don't know if you'll be able to make it out until 6 a.m. see you on

the cover nice peace easy drop tailgate no hands doesn't slam anymore you can see it's got the factory spray in liner with Denali embossed on the back of the cab great great look and of course not to worry about scraping up your bed can see the rear backup camera hiding underneath of course your Denali badge it's their rear backup sensors heavy duty trailer brake everything's all ready for towing you get all your plugs

hopefully that wind noise isn't killing my video right now I walk around get so you can see the truck get a full view of it from the side if there's a better looking truck in the market I haven't seen it yet now I'm gonna use my key fob and what I'm going to do is hit the lock button twice and then I'll hold the remote power fire up you see those LED headlights

fire up let's take a quick look see the window sticker on this one is sixty-five five standard vehicle prices fifty-six two before all the options that we added in let's walk around this truck take a peek inside and see you got plenty of room in the back if you're planning on you know using this thing to keep your kids store your kids in throw adults back here you know what the worry it's

also really easy to utilize the extra space if you need it and see I'm using I got a camera in one hand keys and I managed to fold up the seat nice and easy same thing if I want to drop that seat and drop it right down white contrast stitching across all the leather in here really adds an extra little bit of a luxury look and feel to it get the pockets on

the back of both seats is a power outlet down there as well in the middle for your passengers the wood grain across the door you get your extra cup holders here in storage let's jump up in the driver's seat that's what everyone wants to see anyway right alright and see you're in telling display firing up don't mind me I'm just fumbling with the keys right now get get those into the ignition you

can see all your instruments light up I'm just gonna roll this window up so I can drown out some of that motor noise alright now I'm going to go through I'm going to go through some of the features I'm going to go quickly I don't want to waste your time so let's jump right into it starting on the left side of the truck you got your power windows door locks power mirrors controls

above that you have your memory seat buttons you can set one two and then an option for when you open the door so if you want a little extra room when you get out you can have it set so the seats go all the way back when you open the door four wheel drive controls here trailer brake controls above that headlight controls are here you'll probably leave it in Auto however you can

push this button and you'll see your fog lights turn on off you get that indicator there showing that they're on or they're off up on your steering wheel you can see you have your cruise control settings here this is front crash alert on or off and this is your heated steering wheel on or off if you like us and you live in New England this heated steering wheel is kind blessing of course the

nollie badge right there on the steering wheel and right here on your right side you have the toggle controls what these actually control are the display right here and your on your dashboard you can look at all kinds of different information audio scroll through the information see tire pressure their oil life deaf fluid your speed your mileage trip whatever the case may be there's a whole slew of different things that you can look

at here you can my favorite is you can actually use the navigation through this screen so you don't have to be looking over at the IntelliLink system the whole time it'll display everything there on that smaller screen for you and like I said you just use this right here to select and these are your voice dialing and audio controls you can see you hang up the phone there volume controls are behind the steering

wheel where my fingers are I don't find this you can see me right right there is your volume buttons right here jumping over to the dash here your infotainment Center of course you get that IntelliLink display it does just about everything bluetooth am/fm mp3 you can see text message weather alerts navigation the list kind of goes on and on and on with that thing so when you do take a look at these make sure

your sales guy goes through all those options with you because it's really one of the biggest selling points of these trucks the the infotainment Center is incredible it's very intuitive it's very very easy to use and it just makes life a little bit easier for you which who doesn't want that these days you can see I get the weather up there right now with the map down below that you have your heated

seats as well as a seat seats once again if you live in New England like I do these are a blessing heated seats on in the wintertime a seat seats on in the summertime best of both worlds I don't think I could live without it now I climb a control all digital right here in the center you just turn this knob to adjust your your temperature that you want you can see right

here I have it syncing so whatever I set this to the passenger's side corresponds can also turn that off and do individual climate control if you want to do that blow that power adjustable pedals bring the pedals up or down depending on your height and how you want to be seating just makes you ride a little bit more comfortable track control on or off get a spotlight over the bed parking sensors on or

off lane departure warning on or off hill descent control in your exhaust break right there all toggle switches they're really nice to have a good feel to them when you hit them you know that whatever you just touch actually did something not a cheap button it's the little things that I like USB ports you have three of them there you have two power outlets and an AC full outlet there the idea behind this

truck was to make it kind of a mobile office you know a lot of these guys use these trucks for business they're in them all day all night working constantly so low you can hook up a laptop you can hook up your your iPad's your tablets your phones whatever you need right here you don't have to worry about chasing down adapters or whatever the case may be you can also use this this

right here I use it mostly I could put a tablet there or you can put your phone you can lay it right there it's a nice little spot to to keep that cup holders here inside here this is set up like I said it's made for business you know you can there's two racks here you can use this as a filing cabinet files will drop right in there you also have two

more USB ports an auxiliary jack and a memory card slot right there for you and more storage and another power outlet you know in case you didn't have enough already over on the right side you have dual glovebox you have the top you have your bottom and that's kind of the quick rundown inside this truck this also has Bose audio in it if you're anything like me and you listen to a lot of

music while you're driving the Bose audio system is awesome it's was kind of one of the big selling features when I got my truck up top you do have spot for your sunglasses interior LED lighting and your OnStar equipped mirror and I would say that's kind of it that is a 2015 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Denali with the Duramax Allison Transmission combo here at Marty's Buick GMC now you've seen the truck now you're

gonna do is drive around as always I thank everybody for watching taking the time to view these videos please like subscribe so they keep me around a little bit longer I can make more videos for you we do deliver nationwide so if you're from out of state and you still want the best deal on one of these trucks let us know we'll deliver it to your driveway wouldn't be the first time I'm

sure it will not be the last but it's time to bring the old girl home enjoy the weather out there we'll see you soon take care

See more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7c6L-blXtbA

what is going on everyone Brian Mel here over at Marty's Buick GMC I was out taking a couple of pictures of this 2015 Denali HD and I thought I would shoot a quick video tour allow you to take a better look of course this is in full HD so if your screen looks a little blurry make sure you hit that little gear icon ...