2016 Toyota Tundra for sale Greensboro North Carolina

The 2016 Toyota Tundra received a 7.4 overall score from U.S. News & World Report in their car section. It received a 7.5 score on its interior design and an 8.7 score on its safety. The vehicle is Toyota Tundra Greensbororated as a full-size pickup truck and with the crew cab is available to seat 6. Some of the features that critics liked about the Toyota Tundra included its spacious interior room, especially with a crew cab model. Critics also liked the infotainment system being user-friendly and they commented on the vibrant off-road performance experienced in the vehicle. The Tundra’s reliability rating is above average for the industry and with the balance of the factory warranty, you’ll get many good years of service out of this vehicle. You’ll no doubt enjoy the extra features you’ll find on this Toyota Tundra and purchase from us you’ll experience the added savings of a Vestal value card.


I Toyota Tundra is a one owner with a Carfax buyback guarantee that includes a 5.7 L V-8 engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission. This is the 1794 edition of the tundra and includes many great features that you are sure to enjoy. Some of the extras that are on this vehicle include a sunroof, heated and cooled leather seats, climate control, steering wheel controls, Bluetooth technology, a backup camera, running boards, and a whole lot more. The vehicle as exterior color of black in the interior color is sand age and orange leather. Schedule a test drive with this vehicle today and receive a free gift card. You can also check out our many other selections of used and new trucks available at Vestal Buick GMC

Car Buying Tips

As opposed to fixating around the monthly payments, make your eye in the total price. Salesmen can virtually give you any monthly price you desire however, an incredibly low monthly price will lead to you paying this amount for several years. Because of this, your final cost will be very high. Get the very best deal you can around the price tag in the car. Then, you can imagine just how much you will be paying each month.

Even though some sites suggested not test driving an automobile due to the emotional attachment that can happen, it is actually never a great idea to purchase something without trying it all out. Take at least a fifteen-minute long test drive to completely have a sense of the way the car handles and how comfortable the vehicle truly is.

Create a wish listing of cars that you are interested in. You might have seen many cars in advertisements and on your way. It needs to be simple to create an excellent list of vehicles that might satisfy your style. You can include a number of dream cars that appear on your list, however, be realistic about what you could afford.

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